Derma Roller Therapy

Dermaroller Therapy

How it works

By rolling the Dermaroller across the affected area, its micro-fine needles reach the inner surface of your skin (the dermis). This repairs the damaged skin by stimulating the body’s natural production of elastin and collagen..

It can improve the appearance of wrinkles, acne scarring, stretch marks, cellulite and even the problem of deep scarring to help restore a youthful look.

What it involves

Before your Dermaroller treatment a topical anaesthetic is applied to the surface of the skin to make your therapy more comfortable. The Dermaroller is then gently rolled over your skin and the micro-fine needles penetrate and stimulate the layer directly below the surface of the skin. The Dermaroller device is sterile and single-use to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and clinical care.

Is Dermaroller suitable for me?

Dermaroller is a suitable skin renewal technique that is able to treat all skin types, but can not be used if acne is present on the skin. You  can expect your treatment to be carrie dout by fully qualified practitioners in a regulated clinical environment.


DermarollerAs the skin heals, it produces excess collagen and  the automatically looks plumped up in that area. This helps in erasing fine lines and filling up scars.

The action from the needle also improves the blood circulation in the skin. It gives the skin radient glow. The treatment also opens up the pores of the skin to make it more receptive to any product that you apply on it.

Duration and after treatment

Each session will last a period of around 45 minutes, depending on the area to be treated.

The face or body will apear very red and may feel like sunburn after your treatment. It will settle down after a few hours, but could atke upto 24 hours. You may experience some slight bruising  after the initial course. You can expect to return to normal daily activities in a couple of days.

Dermaroller results

Your skin will naturally repair itself after treatment by producing new collagen and healthy new cells. It may take up to 6 weeks before you see signs of improvement, but the natural healing process will continue over the following months and should produce long-lasting results.

dermaroller before and after

Do I need follow up treatments?

If follow up treatment are required these can be carried every 3 months to achieve younger looking skin.

Dermaroller costs

The cost for one Dermaroller therapy session is vary from patient to patient and with a course of 3 – 5 treatments recommended to achieve the best results. At your appointment your practitioner will advise you on how many treatments you will need to ahieve the best results.

Microdermabrasion and other treatments can also help create healthier looking skin. We can discuss these options during your initial appointment.

Book an appointment

To find out more about Dermaroller therapy you can book an appointment with us. If you’ve had non surgical treatment and would like to book another appointment you can make your booking online