Follicle by Follicle (Each STRAND / UNIT = FOLLICLE)

fue hair Transplant


After chronic hair loss over time, the area of balding scalp becomes nearly smooth and begins to give a shiny look. This denotes that the underlying hair follicles are dormant, has lost the ability to grow hair and are nearly or actually dead. Fortunately, the latest research has proved fruitful by reviving these areas of baldness through the technique of hair transplantation, which can naturally grow your hair back.
Darling Roots Hair Clinic performs the cream of the hair transplantation procedure, which is the world’s most advanced and sophisticated hair replacement procedure.
We at our Darling Roots Hair Clinic call this procedure as Darling Fue technique.
Darling because the procedure with this technique is the most favorite and preferred by Dr.Feroz Khan and hence his Clinic name is Darling Roots Clinic.


follicular unit extraction


FUE: Is considered the world’s most sophisticated and amazing procedure of present decade. We have performed this procedure on thousands of people and still counting. We at Darling Roots FUE Clinic openly challenge the world that no company can come even 40% close to us in terms of the results. In addition, in India not even 10%. Because India is still following the out dated procedures and most of the population is unaware of FUE and have knowledge only of hair pieces, wigs, weaving and hair bonding.
We at Darling Roots (INDIA) are years ahead of Doctors who in India claim to be Hair Transplant Surgeons in terms of product range, the innovative technology and methodology.

The best part of this FUE procedure is that without any ifs or buts it gives you a head full of hair back in every square centimeter of your scalp without hampering your lifestyle. In addition, most important aspect to be taken into consideration is even density of hair in balding areas of scalp. We make sure that we give you a head full of hair which suits your age, face and personality.

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