Hair Transplantation



Hair loss can give a nostalgic feeling to anyone who has had a head containing lots of hair. As long as we have them we don’t value and once we are on the verge of becoming bald, we realize the importance of having beautiful tresses which determine our overall persona. With the very realization of the hair loss, arise the need of the process, Hair Transplant, also called as the Hair restoration.Hair Transplant


Nowadays, hair transplantation or hair restoration is one of the most reliable cosmetic surgery options available in the heart of the city at Darling Roots Hair Transplant Clinic. It is a process which can be dealt in a short span of time and lot of ease and efficacy. It generally requires local anesthesia. In rare cases, like flap surgery, general anesthesia is required.

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique, wherein a thin strip of hair grafts is taken from the back of the head or the area of the head with good hair growth and is implanted on the balding region. The area from where the hair is taken is called the ‘donor site’ and the area on which the transplant is being done is called the ‘recipient site’. The number of grafts to be implanted depends on various factors like type of hair loss, hair line, density and the volume of the hair required.


First of all, in the process the donor area is selected which is genetically resistant to baldness. From this area thin grafts are extracted and preserved. Meanwhile the recipient site is made ready. Now the extracted grafts are dissected thinly and are planted onto the incisions made on the recipient site. Here at Darling Roots, utmost care is taken while performing this step as the result of the entire process depends on the careful selection of the follicles. The donor site and the recipient site will generally heal over a period of one week or so.

The efficacy of the procedure depends on the qualification and approach of the surgeon who is performing the surgery. Dr.Feroz khan at Darling Roots Hair Transplant clinic carries a rich experience of over 23 years in the field of Cosmetic surgery, more specifically, hair transplantation and FUE Transplantation. His professional approach and the expert hand make the whole process worth the money and time spent on it. The overall success of procedure depends on the expertise of the surgeon, which is guaranteed here at Darling Roots. Dr.Feroz believes that customer satisfaction is the value for money.

Fue Hair Transplant Procedure

FUE Hair Transplant by Dr.Feroz Khan from USA at Darlingroots Hair Transplant Clinic

In FUE a single unit of Hair follicle, having multiple hair bulbs transferred from the donor site to the recipient site (Balding Area). Dr.Feroz Khan at Darling Roots offer cheap FUE Hair Transplant Procedure in Hyderabad.  Dr.Feroz Khan known for his expertise in FUE Hair Transplant all over India and around the world.


Darling Roots Clinic not only offers Best FUE Transplant, but also the most competitive and low cost FUE transplantation at a very competitive price. The FUE Hair Transplant cost depends on the number of grafts and the extent of baldness. Darling Roots provides various packages for FUE Hair Transplant.


In FUE Transplant Method Darling Roots is the clinic, which uses implanting pens,(Injerto Capilar) which rarely or not at all used by other hair transplant clinics. For the same reason Darling Roots has the best natural looking result compared to others. Darling Roots Clinic is trusted and known for its best results and regarded as Best FUE Hair Transplant Clinic in Hyderabad – India.