Latest Hair Transplant Technique

The following procedures are rarely performed. Only limited organizations in the world perform these techniques and DARLING ROOTS HAIR TRANSPLANT CLINIC is one among them.

Darling Roots LightningTM Hair Transplant Technique:

Before and After Hair TransplantThis Hair Transplant technique concentrates on minimal wastage ideology. By this technique, we harvest maximum of 1000 follicular grafts in one sitting, preserve the extracted follicles in a specific preservative, and implant them right away with implanting pens while the extraction is still in progress. This hair transplant technique requires more labor and expensive but more result oriented.  This skill boasts best natural looking results with minimal to no wastage of follicular grafts. The survival of grafts is directly proportional to environmental exposure of the grafts. With this technique time after extraction is minimal, this ensures the vitality of the grafts to nearly 100%.

Darling Roots LightningPlusTM Hair Transplant:

This technique includes all the benefits of “Lightning Hair Transplant”, with added benefits of Photo activated Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP rich AAA stem cells). The photo activated PRP along with AAA stem cells. Has Growth Factors and Progenitor Stem Cells, which has all essential factors required for induction and stimulating growth signals. These are known to activate the dormant / inactive hair follicles and hence induce new hair growth in balding areas. We withdraw 30 ml of your venous blood and process in a specific refrigerated centrifuge from which we separate Platelet Rich Plasma. Darling Roots “Photo activating system”, to stimulate their Growth factor capabilities, activate these Platelets. The photo activated PRP is then mixed with “Adult Autologous Adipose Tissue Stem Cells” (AAA) which is then ready to be implanted into the scalp along with the grafts. This gives you an ideal package, ALL IN ONE.


This technique is best suited for candidates who are very much eager, result oriented, concerned and preoccupied with thoughts for best outcome.