PRP and PRF Therapy

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) / PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrinogen) Theraphy:

Darling Roots Hair Clinic.

Darling Roots Clinic is well equipped with the latest state of the art REFRIGERATED PRP/PRF CENTRIFUGE. Through this new exciting technology, which is used not only for Hair follicular stimulation by its growth factors BUT its applications are used in varied Medical and Surgical conditions. Platelet Rich Plasma through its growth factors brings exciting results in patients suffering from arthritis, pigmentation etc. When it is used in combination with FUE hair transplantation it contributes further by hair growth factors present in PLATELETS stimulating the dormant and inactive hair follicles.


In this procedure patients own venous blood is collected in a specific PRP/PRF VACUTAINER  (Test tube). Then processed in REFRIGERATED PRP/PRF CENTRIFUGE. The middle layer in the PRP tube yields the concentrated platelets, which is otherwise called PRP. This is collected and injected into the balding areas of scalp in FUE the follicles are then treated with PRP solution just before implantation. The stem cells in the hair follicles gets stimulated by growth factors present in the platelets and become active leading to new hair growth.

PRP and PRF Therapy

PRP and PRF therapy for Hair Growth. For hair growth and betterment of SCALP conditions, we infuse in therapeutic doses: Platelets enriched plasma (PRP) and Platelets enriched fibrinogen (PRF) Our Clinic is equipped with the equipment which is specifically meant for PRP and PRF. The LOW SPEED REFRIGERATED CENTRIFUGE , rotors, PRP & PRF kits. We undertake the procedures strictly under STERILE conditions following the international standards of ASEPTIC PRECAUTIONS.

Many carry only false hope of helping regrow hair. But, Dr.Feroz Khan’s Darling Roots Clinic is using this PRP & PRF technique strictly as per the research standard that’s working for both men and women, even on cancer survivors. A simple process in which your blood is drawn and put into a PRP centrifuge. The platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is separated and injected into the scalp. It’s another effective method to have thicker healthier hair. Dr. Feroz Khan says, don’t hesitate to do this for yourself.

Younger men and women with newly thinning hair has the best outcome.

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