Hair Analysis

Hair and Scalp Analysis at Darling Roots Clinic

We at Darling Roots is equipped with most sophisticated and latest Hair and Skin analysis equipment. Over 20-percent of population begins to thin and lose hair at age 20-25. It does not mean that it is not inevitable to stop such a condition. What is important is early detection, identification and treatment of problem, that’s where darling roots stands for and really helps to restore the condition back to normal.

ts is equipped with most sophisticated and latest Hair and Skin analysis equipment.


In today’s market, the hair fibers play important role for instantly rebuilding your hair with natural (Organic) Keratin fibers creating the appearance of thicker and denser hair in no time instantly vanishing the balding areas of scalp in an undetectable manner. The Hair thickening fibers blend in with hair and electro statically bond with existing hair, amazingly building up hair volume and minimizing the appearance of visible scalp by covering the balding area with false density. This stuff is new for the common person but is well known in hi fi community and celebrity world.

These hair fibers are similar to ones own hair  and has no side effects. They are safe and natural solution to give timely density in the existing thinning hair for both men and women. The hair fibers are resistant to weather conditions of winds and  even rain. They stay bonded to your existing hair for approximately 24 hrs.  When you wish to remove the hair fibers then simply wash it out with shampoo like a normal head shower.

Flashpoints / Hair extensions:  Sophisticated hair extension procedures are available in today’s market in developed countries, which will transform in a matter of hrs to give you the look which u always wanted. to have. No glue or weaving technique but a simple link to your existing hair, which gives undetectable natural look.


Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy

Our Clinic is equipped with 90 diode Low Level Laser Therapy MACHINE.No fancy green, blue lights BUT A TRUE LASER from United States of America.

Laser session: Just a matter of 20 minutes / Week for 10 to 12 weeks will give you a positive response in both men and women with thinning and losing hair. This also has positive impact when taken after FUE Hair restoration procedure.

As per Darling Roots RESEARCH 85% of people has neglected behavior and ignore initial thinning of hair. Dr.Feroz Khan, your hair are priceless which will be realized when it’s already late when baldness has already invaded your scalp. It is important to realize the situation early and save them  with whatever possible means as the circumstances demands. Early detection of the cause and treatment is vital for thinning and weak hair. If detected and diagnosed early one can control, thicken and regrow hair back. If dandruff is the cause prompt intervention by specific lotions and shampoos can decrease the scaling and flaking of scalp skin and hence the hair loss.

Thousands of people from across the globe has benefited by Darling Roots diagnostic and treatment procedures so why don’t you be one among them.

A man’s hair loss patterns have to be between IIa and V categories on the Hamilton-Norwood hair loss scale  for the machine to be effective at its max.

There are different hair loss scales with the names of one who has classified the hair loss to make one understand easily for example: Alvi Armani hair loss scale, Robert M.Bernstein classification, Ludwig classification of hair loss in women etc.

Side effects / Risk of “LLLT” Therapy:

LLLT/Cold-laser applications have already been in use for more than 30 years with no report of any side effects. Hence this therapy is liberally used by most celebrities from Hollywood / Bollywood.

Approximately 50% of men population and a significant number of women suffer from what is called  genetic hair loss or Androgenetic  or Androgenic alopecia and if you are one among those, you no longer have to worry about the problem anymore. Things have changed and revolutionized, among various options Hair transplantation is considered globally to be the most effective option for restoring hair loss in both men and women. As this procedure is permanent, relatively simple without significant down time and achieves a natural looking result within a matter of months. The transplanted hair grows as usual like before, can be cut, shampoo, and can dye your transplanted hair without any restrictions.

Hair Transplant Technique

This Hair Transplant technique concentrates on minimal wastage ideology. By this technique, we harvest maximum of 1000 follicular grafts in one sitting, preserve the extracted follicles in a specific preservative, and implant them right away with implanting pens while the extraction is still in progress.

FUE Procedure

After chronic hair loss over time, the area of balding scalp becomes nearly smooth and begins to give a shiny look. This denotes that the underlying hair follicles are dormant, has lost the ability to grow hair and are nearly or actually dead. Fortunately, the latest research has proved fruitful by reviving these areas of baldness through the technique of hair transplantation, which can naturally grow your hair back

Natural Looking Hair

After hair transplantation, one looks completely natural because in the procedure we take your own hair and just move to a balding spot. It is your own duty to find a Surgeon who experienced, qualified and skilled to transplant hair follicles in the way it is suppose to so that the end result should be nothing else but NATURAL