Fue Hair Transplant Cost

FUE Hair Transplant Cost

Fue Hair Transplant Cost in India,Hyderabad.

With our affordable fees, special discounts and financing, hair transplant cost should no longer be a problem for obtaining Dr.Feroz Khan’s Darling Roots FUE Hair Restoration quality service.

Please come to our clinic for a consultation with Dr.Feroz Khan today and experience a new standard in hair restoration. We at Darling Roots don’t accept anything but the best quality of services, techniques as we are very much result oriented.

Hair transplantation cost has to do with the techniques used in different clinics. Many hair transplant clinics still have not started using magnification equipment for harvesting grafts. Some hair transplant clinics still use old and outdated procedures (big or pluggy transplants that usually leave the patient with a patchy spotted pattern) instead of FUE (Follicular unit Extraction), which is the gold standard in hair restoration industry FOR WHICH WE ARE CONSIDERD PIONEERS.

Our Standard fee for FUE hair transplant is Rs:40/Follicular graft (Each follicle may contain 1-4 hair and in exceptional cases more upto seven) This rate will drop to Rs:35/Follicular graft for any grafts after 2000/Follicles- In large cases above 4000 Follicular grafts there are SPECIAL PACKAGES of Rs: 100 thousand and 200 thousand.

Procedures have a minimum fee of Rs: 50,000. Call our offices for FUE rates. The pricing for scar revision depends on the location and the size of the scars, which will be discussed at the time of consultation.

We may have occasional or seasonal discounts that you can contact Dr.Feroz Khan’s Darling Roots Clinic of FUE Hair Restoration for more information.

Dr.Feroz Khan’s Darling Roots FUE Hair Restoration Clinic always strives to make hair restoration procedure as affordable as possible so everyone can use our quality and life changing procedures.

* Stand-by rates are only offered to eligible hair loss clients who are flexible on scheduling their procedure date. To determine your eligibility for this discount you must attend a consultation at your earliest convenience and reserve your slot.